Mr.Atomic - Outside Recordings

Mr.Atomic - Outside Recordings

On this page, you can listen to the latest DJ mix sets uploaded by Outside Recordings’ very own Mr. Atomic. One of the founding fathers of Outside Recordings, Mr.Atomic blazed a trail by being the first Outside Recordings artist to release live electronic set mixes for free on this site. As whole DJ sets are large audio files, Please allow the links some time to preload before clicking everything on the page and panicking. Choose from the links below and enjoy!

Mr. Atomic (Kris Krause) – Glitch 09 Mix Set

Mr. Atomic (Kris Krause) – Lost Tapes Session

Mr. Atomic (Kris Krause) – @Large

Mr. Atomic (Kris Krause) – gLiTchYaMuFFiN Mix Tape

NOTE: If you are having trouble playing the mixes directly from the site, try downloading them instead. If you use Windows or Linux, try right-clicking and choosing ‘Save Link As…’ or ‘Save Target As…’. On Macs, try control-clicking the link.