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Perhaps best known for his work on his own label Yellow Machines and his music released on Combat Recordings, Jude Greenaway aka “Scanone” is a London-based producer and DJ who has been making, playing and releasing music for over a decade. In that time he has managed to develop a sound that skirts around the lunatic fringes of a myriad of underground genres, from bass-heavy electro and techno to glitched-up IDM and techy, brooding, dubstep.

Scanone has performed in Australia, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Bilboao, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and New York in various clubs and festivals.Also playing at The Big Chill. Glastonbury. Amsterdam’s notorious Melkweg and at The CCCB in Barcelona.

As both an accomplished producer and DJ, Scanone has performed live sets in various contemporary London venues: Fabric, Cargo, Herbal, Sketch, ICA, Wang, Bass Invader, DJ’ing alongside some of the biggest names currently on the scene: Radioactive Man, Si Begg, Andrew Weatherall, Tipper, Point B, Cursor Minor, Warlock, Blackmass plastics, Benga, Vex’d…

Throughout the years his dj and live sets have gained a solid reputation on the London club circuit.


  • Yellow Machines
  • Combat Recordings
  • Dirty Needles Records
  • Studio Rockers
  • Blase Records


  • Angel dust. Ink recordings. France. 99.
  • Down and out ep. 12″.Make it better records.TLS.2001
  • Electronic Lickfold” E.P.Blase records. Ltd. 2002
  • Lowlife E.P. Blase Recs. 2003.
  • Ksopso remix. Bla bla. Blase. CDLP001.2004
  • Murder i wrote. (Lyrical assassin) Moonpalace CDLP001.2004.
  • Every seventh bullet. e.p. Combat. OO1.2004.
  • Down Low. Compilation. Combat recs.(Download) 2005.
  • Papercutter. Combat 04. (Download).2005.
  • Yes Yes. The four gaurdians. Combat recs. 2005.
  • Skip. Two mixes. Combat recs. (Download). 2006.
  • Providence. Dirty Needles 003.2006.
  • Spit. Broken Fader Cartel. 2006.
  • Dubwise / Darkdub. Combat recs. 2006
  • Atlas. Combat recs.2007
  • Toolkit part1. Combat recs. 2007.
  • Mr Tant. Digital warfare. Combat recs. 2007.
  • Corrupt Ep. Digital Distortions. 2007.
  • Bionics_Dubcore_StudioRockers_2008
  • Toolkit_Part2_Combat recs.
  • Yellow Machines_001_Bleep23
  • Yellow Machines_002_The Vaults
  • Yellow Machines_003_Subprime/Minotaur
  • AKT2_Cantor_Dust_remix_
  • Komod-o_dragon_Scanone_Remix

Check out some of our sounds here:

‘Derrick May famously likened techno to George Clinton meeting Kraftwerk in an elevator. Well, ScanOne’s [Skip] rocks out next-level 2-step electro like a midnight face-off between Drexicya and Radioactive Man at Brixton tube station.”
– Uberdog, Toxic Dancehall

“Combat01 is my kinda 12″ … bass blaps and warbs with cut and paste beats.. intelligent yet butt kicking, Scanone’s best work to date in my opinion..”
– Si Begg, CEO, the Noodles Foundation

“Sci-fi electro syncopated in a grime/2-step hybrid style “Yes Yes shows ScanOne stretching the boundaries again, as he soundtracks a search drone patrolling a futuristic wasteland, it’s mechanoid bleeps and hisses accompany snatches of jittering vocals and blasts of bass as ScanOne’s trademark relentless subrhythms provide multiple layers of movement.”